To New Beginnings

It’s late in the night on Christmas. Ava and Dustin went to bed early but my night owl self can never manage to do that.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was craving the start of a new adventure and couldn’t exactly figure out what that was. I still don’t know all the details but I started thinking blogging/vlogging could be the start of that.

I feel like blogging is kind of out but I enjoy it – I enjoy writing and documenting my life. I don’t know much abut vlogging but I do know I love documenting our lives as a family and all the little 10 second videos I have on my phone are cute, but don’t translate well to anything that I can pass along to my kids.

Christmas Picture 3I’m 17 weeks pregnant with our second child and have really been pouring myself into cleaning up our eating habits and lifestyle lately. I’ve been reading a lot about how our bodies react to blood sugar as well as different nutritional content of foods and how making small changes can be big changes for your body. For example eggs from pasture raised chickens have more omega 3’s than eggs from chickens kept in small cages.

As I’ve been making changes, I’m noticing certain foods affect how I feel mentally and I’ve been learning about and exploring ways to maintain my anxiety through this pregnancy with my nutrition.

The reason for these changes started coming about because as I progressed this pregnancy, I just didn’t feel great. Naturally, there’s a certain level of physical exhaustion, mental fatigue/stress from hormones, bloating, and cravings that will come early in pregnancy. But I was finding myself newly into the 2nd trimester and still feeling lethargic. I am by no means trying to lose weight during pregnancy, but I found my cravings leading me to fast food more often than I’d like and I knew there had to be a better way.

I went through the same cycle of exhaustion and junk food in my first pregnancy. But I also remember going through a really hard time after having my first. I gained way more weight than I wanted and losing it was so challenging.  I struggled with postpartum depression and it took a long time to regain my confidence too. On top of that, I had to cut out foods for breastfeeding, and making sudden, drastic changes to my diet at a time where I was already exhausted was so stressful.

My goal with working on these changes now is to feel better during my pregnancy. To have energy to stay active and to keep my weight gain at a healthy level, all while feeding  my growing babe nutrient-dense, toxic free food. The food categories that I had to eliminate for breastfeeding are categories that I’d like to eliminate for health reasons too. I hope by eliminating these prior to her arrival, her breastfeeding journey will be less stressful on her and me.

Right now, one of my biggest challenges is taking these changes slow and steady. I tend to be an all-or-nothing person and that mentality has failed me in making lifestyle changes so many times. I accept the fact that this is a process and invite you to share this part of my life with me with the understanding that this is a JOURNEY.

I’m not an expert yet. My life isn’t 100% clean and my food isn’t 100% nutritious. My goal is to get better but I will never be perfect.

In the next post, I’ll share how we are getting started.

Stay tuned,




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