Cardboard Boxes and Cowgirls

I’m sitting here, wide awake, a little after 2 am. Most nights, I’m fast asleep but tonight I find myself just trying to catch my breathe after the whirlwind couple of weeks we’ve had. I don’t know if I can fit this all into one blog, but let’s try.

A few weeks ago, as I fell asleep, I prayed and asked God to help us find a way into a more family-friendly neighborhood. Well, immediately after I asked, God delivered on that prayer big time. The very next day, we’d stumbled across a beautiful home to rent in an amazing neighborhood. It’s funny, because Dustin and I had talked about doing something like this many times but it never felt like it made sense until now. As the opportunities started unfolding, we realized we’d be foolish not to.

I spent the next few days interviewing contractors to complete the last few projects on our current home so that we could get it on the market. We scheduled movers, packed boxes, and signed the lease. But of course, no big plans come without a couple curve balls…

  1. My sisters and I had planned a trip to NYC that fell over the weekend right before we were going to move. I know, I know, this doesn’t really count as a curve-ball because it was planned ahead and it was so much fun but it did cause some extra stress because…
  2. We had an emergency with an out-of-state family member . Naturally, we were overcome with stress and worry about their well being but it also meant some of the helpers we thought we’d have while I was gone weren’t available.

Dustin stepped up to the plate and delivered big time. I returned home from NYC on Sunday to find he’d completed most of the packing whilst entertaining our {sick} kiddo.

We moved into our new home on Tuesday and have been working hard to get settled in. We have contractors working on our old house to get it ready to sell and are hoping to get it on the market at the end of next week.

We are loving our new neighborhood and are having so much fun exploring. Funny enough, we live pretty close to where my grandparents used to live. I spent a ton of time at their house growing up so many of my childhood memories are around this part of town but a lot has changed since then!

Today, Ava and I had our first mommy-daughter day in over a week and it was much needed. We spent the majority of our day playing and cuddling (neither of us are feeling very good). Around 5:00 seems to be the time we always get antsy so we went to Home Goods for a few supplies we needed to get the new house partially in order.

She was mostly a terror in the store; apparently leaving the house was not on her agenda for the day. But she did think the almost life-size stuffed horse they had was pretty amazing. She hopped on and hollered “yeehaw!”

One of our finds at Home Goods was this little bathroom stool. I was so close to passing on it because I wasn’t that impressed with the price but seeing her excitement tonight when she could stand on it in HER bathroom and watch herself in the mirror as she brushed her teeth was too cute!

I plan on posting some more pictures of our new house as we get more unpacking done and continue to fill it out with furniture. Stay tuned…

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