Four Years in the Making

One of my first memories of Dustin is from back when we worked together at Sunglass Hut. He’d just come back from his family’s annual camping trip to Turquoise Lake and could not stop talking about how cute his nieces were. In fact, that love for his family was one of the first things I admired about him.

Little did I know, Turquoise Lake would soon become one of the places I hold dearest to my hearts as well. On our third annual summer camping trip, Dustin took me to Downtown Leadville, CO for a delicious birthday dinner and then brought me to the beach at the Baby Doe camp grounds and asked me to marry him. The trip was the best we’d had yet, with family traveling from near and far on both sides of our family for such a special occasion.

The following three summers were busy with for us with wedding plans, pregnancy, and caring for a newborn so we hadn’t been back since that special trip in 2013. When talks of the annual trip came up this year, I can’t deny that I was equal parts excited and anxious. Of course I was excited to get back to that beautiful and special place but keeping my toddler out of harms way is difficult enough at home; I couldn’t wrap my head around how we’d survive a camping trip.

Luckily, Ava did fantastic. She loves hanging with her older cousins. In fact, we often joke that she always thinks she’s at least 6 months older than she really is.

She loved throwing rocks into the lake and watching the water splash back up.

She went out on the boat a couple times and found it very relaxing. Not gonna lie, I totally soaked up all the passed out baby snuggles I could.

Today, we went out right before we headed back home and she caught a fish when she was sleeping. I couldn’t let her miss her first fish so we woke her up to see the excitement. She was amazed and has been talking about “ish” ever since.

As we left to go home today, we stopped at the spot where Dustin proposed. In that moment, I felt a wave of something so surreal sweep over me. Life gets so busy; day in and day out I stress about the little things. Having a successful career while not neglecting Ava, putting healthy food on the table, money, keeping a clean house, etc. But as quickly as the last four years have passed us by, the next 4 will pass faster. Before we know it we will be watching our kids go through the same season of life we are in.

The joy in life is bigger than all the problems just like the beauty of this world we live in is bigger than ourselves. To have lived a successful life is to have enjoyed this life in all its’ glory.