This House

This house was my mom’s dream house. After years of checking out model homes and open houses on the weekends and crunching the numbers, she found one that fit. It was 2006 when my parents put our old house up for sale, the real estate market was cooling off. Selling the old house was hard and took months but my parents persevered and finally found a way to sell our old house and buy this house.

This house turned out to be the perfect sanctuary for my mom. When she lost the job she’d had for over a decade, she spent a year in this house searching for a job every day. I’m sure it wasn’t easy but in the years after my parents bought this house, almost every house in our neighborhood was foreclosed on, but my parents held on tight to this house.

This house was where my mom fought the hardest battle of her life. When she was diagnosed, the doctors thought she might have a couple months but we celebrated her birthday twice in this house while she battled cancer. Our family grew closer together over that time and spent more moments together than we had in a years. After 17 long months of fighting, we mourned the loss of my mom in this house.

This house is where I lived my last year of high school and was my safety net during college. My little sister grew up in this house; she was eight when we moved here.  After my mom passed away, my dad found companionship and eventually love with a woman who lived two houses down from this house.

This house became my older sister’s house when she and her husband moved back from Ohio. They spent two years here, raising their beautiful daughters. We started a new generation of memories in this house and my sister made this house their home. All seasons of life must end in order for new ones to begin and today my sister moved out of this house.

This house will soon be someone else’s. They will celebrate hard work, accomplishments, birthdays and holidays. They will cry over hard days, wounds, and loss. This house will comfort them with the warmth and shelter and will be the solid foundation for their lives, just like it did for us. Life will go on, as it always does, in this house.

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