This little firecracker

She’s a hoot these days and that’s the best way I can describe it. I think this stage has been my favorite so far because her excitement for life is so contagious.

I’m loving having a great balance between work and mom lately. I feel like I’m fully engaged with her during our days together rather than constantly thinking about what else I could/should be doing.

We made some play dough this week which was a blast. I wasn’t sure how she’d do with it but she played with it for a good 45 minutes which is a record. We haven’t made any other recipes but I would highly recommend this one for littles. No dairy, soy, salt, and I think it’s gluten free too. Also, even though it is edible, Ava didn’t love the taste, which I was totally ok with.

I tried my hand at meal prepping last week too. I’d say it was successful for the most part, although it didn’t really happen until Tuesday. That might just have to be my meal prep day going forward because weekend days, as are Mondays as these are one of my work days.

Ava has been doing great with yogurt and cheese which is amazing! We let her go crazy with some pizza this week which was hilarious. Do not mess with this girl’s food.

Speaking of food though, I’m desperate for her to wean off formula. We are kind of in this super expensive in between stage where she explores a lot of foods but the only ones she really consumes are the pre packaged baby foods so I try to buy those organic/ no sugar added but she still gets most of her calories from formula. In total, we are spending about $150/week on her foods alone which is just not reasonable for us. Any tips for weaning off formula?

Friday night, Dustin and I had a date night. We wanted to go to Panzano, our favorite Italian restaurant but as soon as we got there, we realized they changed their whole menu and they didn’t have anything that sounded good anymore. Since we hadn’t ordered anything, we just up and left and ran to Ocean Prime haha! Ocean Prime was delicious as always. I love that we still make time for date nights, it’s crazy how easy it is to forget to flirt with your husband when you get so busy with jobs and babies and such.

Saturday, we hung out with my sister and my nieces. We tried to go to the aquarium but when we got there, there were 200 people waiting to buy tickets (apparently it was sloth weekend). Then we tried to go to the Children’s museum but that was packed too (I’m assuming all the families headed there since the hipsters clogged the aquarium?). We finally landed across town at the Museum of Nature and Science. I hadn’t been there forever. It’s changed a lot but they have an amazing area for the littles to play.

Ava LOVED the water room. She played in that for about 30 minutes and would have stayed in there longer if we let her.

She’s obsessed with little boys, to a level that’s kind of embarrassing. She calls them all “kid” since that’s what she calls her cousin Maddox.

We also checked out the rotating exhibits upstairs. It was in the Mummy exhibit where Ava realized that a room full of people will look at her if she yells. Needless to say, the outing went downhill quickly after that.

We kept Sunday pretty low key after a few really busy days but went out to dinner with my side of the family for my sister’s 30th. It was a bitter sweet outing as it’ll probably be our last for a while.

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