Ava’s First Year

This last week, our little baby turned one!

I’m still in denial but slowly coming around to the idea. When she was really little, I struggled with feeling overwhelmed by how much she needed me but these last couple months I’ve struggled with feeling like she doesn’t need me enough anymore. I swear, motherhood makes me crazy haha!

I’ve been reminiscing a lot on how wildly hectic her first few months were. Seriously, this girl did not ease us into parenthood. During the first 6 months, I truly learned that comparison is the thief of joy.  Although her medical challenges were difficult at the time, I’m so grateful God gave us the strength and determination to fight through them and has blessed us with such a sweet, happy, and smart girl in return.

These days, Ava is thriving and such a little character. She is definitely a strong willed little lady and while that makes parenting feel difficult sometimes, I try to remind myself that her strong convictions will benefit her in the future. She is extremely friendly and loves other kids. She also loves music. We can dance and sing for hours on end every day. She says so many words; mom, dad, nana, papa, dog dog, kitty, meow, hiss, baba, hi, bye. She went through quite a strong Frozen kick but lately has taken a liking to Trolls. She’s not much for reading books with me, she prefers to do it independently. She’s been walking with assistance since 7 months but just can’t find the courage to let go and take independent steps. But on the bright side she’s become quite the assisted runner!

I’ve been really struggling with her food intolerances lately. At this age, she’s no longer satisfied with baby foods, or even with table foods that I make for her. She wants to eat exactly what Dustin and I eat all the time. At her one year appointment, we got the green light to start trying some fermented dairy products. So far, she’s done great with baked dairy and cheese, now we are starting to try cheese. I will be so happy when we can be done with her $90/week formula!

I think there’s no better way to end this post than with a gallery of some of my favorite pictures of her first year!


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